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Loving God’s house, Pt2

Loving God’s house Pt2    

Scripture: Psalm 84:3-7

This song of love for the house of God continues in these verses. It is the song of souls spared from the destruction deserved by their rebellion against God.


  1. Illustration. The Psalmist employs a simple picture of birds nesting in the Temple structures to illustrate the happy position of those who love the house of God. These little birds enjoyed the protection afforded by God’s courts. Cp Matt 10:29
  2. Young. A special feature of the example of the birds is that they used the sanctuary as a safe place to raise their young. There are family benefits to be had from following their example. Cp Acts 2:39, 1Cor 7:14.
  3. Thine altars. Here is the heart of the spiritual lesson the Psalmist is teaching. The whole Temple compound focused on the work of the two altars. The shelter that the house of God affords is fond not in its physical structures but in what happens at the altars. The altars represented the work of atonement and the consequent fellowship with God at the altar of prayer.
  4. The householder. This place of safety and refuge is said to belong to:

The Lord of Hosts. The military theme continues. This is a place of safety and protection. Cp Ps 34:7, 125:2.

My King. The spirit of submission and obedience marks the thinking of the Psalmist. The thought of safety he enjoys—illustrated by the activity of the birds—prompts this fresh confession of loyalty.

My God. The name of the Creator, invoking thoughts of His sovereign power and providence. Again he considers that this God ‘belongs; to him.


  1. Blessed. Twice the word appears. It is a word that indicates ecstatic joy and gladness. O how happy! It is a happiness truly beyond calculation.
  2. This blessing consists in the following:

The continuous praise produced by dwelling in God’s house. The joy of the Lord is a rich blessing.

The strength of God for those whose heart follows the example of the sparrows.

Refreshment in a weary and sad path. This is a wilderness path marked by tears but there are showers of blessing and pools of stored up resources.

Growing strength in the path that leads to the presence of God in Zion. For those to whom the house of God is home there is strength imparted to get there! There is also a suggestion here of the company/fellowship enjoyed by those who go up to the house of God. Strength > a military company/force. There are fellow soldiers on the same route and the company converging on the camp of the Lord of Hosts increases and grows. Getting there they meet with God.

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