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Preaching under a death threat

   Jeremiah has been preaching for more than 20 years. Cp 25:1, 3. It is entirely possible that this message is spoken close to the same time. Cp 26:1, 27:12 & 28:1. In those long years he has preached to an increasingly hostile nation who would not listen. This opposition has not been tacit! Cp […] Continue reading →

Responding to hostility toward the gospel

 These verses describe the ongoing response of the church, under the guidance of the Apostles, to the hostility that greeted their witness for Christ. Peter and John are released, v23 under threat of further consequences to any more preaching in Jesus’ name, v17-18, 21. Many times God’s people come up against circumstances where they may […] Continue reading →

The wine cup of wrath

 THE WINE CUP OF DIVINE FURY. Cp v15-33. There is an immediate and a future application of this dramatic device used by Jeremiah. Israel and the surrounding nations would taste the bitter dregs of their debauchery. Drunkenness is often used as a picture in the word of God of the excesses of sin/apostasy and the […] Continue reading →

Controversy and jail time!

 Controversy and jail time!                  Acts 4:1-22 Throughout their training under the personal ministry of Christ, the disciples had experienced something of the hostility of the wicked men who filled the leadership positions in the religious establishment of the day. Now as their Apostolic ministry begins in real earnest that hostility and opposition is directed at […] Continue reading →


 Jeremiah 25:1-38 The date upon this chapter, v1, means that we are taking a step back about 7 years chronologically. Jehoiakim reigned 11 years before being replaced by his son who only reigned 3 months, and whose downfall is recorded, 24:1. While the time context is different, the message has very much the same theme. […] Continue reading →

Miracle at the prayer meeting, Pt2

 Miracle at the prayer meeting, Pt2                            Acts 3:12-26 Peter takes occasion to preach to the gathering crowd in the Temple. The consternation caused by the miraculous healing of the lame man has caused a large crowd to gather around Peter and John. Peter takes advantage of their curiosity and wonder to preach Christ to […] Continue reading →

Alive for ever to make intercession

 Living to intercede                Hebrews 7:24-25 The words of this text evidently deal with the truth of Christ’s rising again from the dead. In fact, He lives in the power of an endless life, v16! The resurrection of the Lord Jesus is not just an historical event that is important in the doctrine of the gospel […] Continue reading →

Three great truths declared by the resurrection

   Three great truths declared by the resurrection    Romans 1:4 The resurrection was an event that at the time made a dramatic announcement. It affected all who heard of it. Shockwaves went through the echelons of religious and secular government. The resurrection continues to ‘speak’. It declares and confirms the revelation of Christ and His […] Continue reading →

Lessons from two baskets of figs

 Lessons from two baskets of figs                  Jeremiah 24:1-10 The timing of this vision is given to us in v1. It is in the context of a second wave of captives being removed to Babylon by Nebuchadnezzar. The first wave had gone in the days of Jehoiakim, 2Chron 36:6-7, Dan 1:1. This was the time of […] Continue reading →

Miracle at the prayer meeting

 Miracle at the prayer meeting                  Acts 3:1-11 In these verses Peter and John are seen doing what is recorded of the saints generally in 2:46. Cp Luke 24:53. For some time after the death of Christ and His pronouncement of its desolation prior to His death, Matt 23:39, the Temple continued to be a centre […] Continue reading →