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The Last Days #8: Impact on God’s people

The last days #8: The people of God          Matthew 24:12

The Scriptures which describe the nature of the last days also give us to understand the true impact of those days upon the people of God and the gospel cause in the earth. In some sense we cannot help being affected by the times in which we live. And yet there is an important spiritual sense in which we must resist the impact of the age. While we are in the world we are not of it and must labour to express that distinction in every way it is proper to do so. Cp 1Pet 1:13-16, Rom 12:2.


We have already seen some of the information given us about the development of the final apostasy of the last days.

  1. Apostasy will affect the visible church. Cp Matt 13:33. The visible church will take on a very different appearance as a result. Like the working of leaven—silently, secretly, quickly.
  2. The love of God’s people will grow cold. Cp Matt 24:12, 25:5. This is the effect of contamination. The church will lose its zeal, activity, power etc. The visible light of witness to truth will go out.
  3. The true cause of God will be much reduced. Cp Luke 18:8. The point is illustrated in the experiences of Lot and Noah.


Those who remain faithful to God will face persecution. Cp Matt 24:21-22, Rev 13:15, 7:9, 14-16, 20:4, Dan 7:21-22, 25, 8:24. These passages make clear that there is no pre-trib rapture. The church goes through the great tribulation.


  1. Certain things cannot be specifically prepared for. Cp Matt 10:16-23. General preparation is made by remaining in the place of communion with God. This is the preparation referenced in Dan 11:32. Knowing God in this way will equip us to stand in the evil day.
  2. Perseverance in the work of God, v22-23. Cp Heb 10:25, Rev 12:11.
  3. Resist the soporific effects of apostasy by separation from it. Cp 2Cor 6:17, Jude 3. We must pursue that which will keep us warm hearted and soberly wide awake. Cp 1Cor 11:26. The ages old call to a separatist identity will become all the more important in the last days.

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