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The millennium Pt8: The nation of Israel

Isaiah 59:16-60:22

The words of Is 60:22 summarize the future of the nation of Israel and its role in the millennial kingdom of the Lord Jesus. Here is a promise of infinite mercy, power and covenant grace. There is a time set for the fulfillment of these words. That time is the kingdom of Christ on the earth, set up at His return.

It is important to emphasize again the basic truth that what God has to say about Israel in Scripture relates to the nation composed of the descendants of Jacob. It is a very wrong method of interpretation to replace Israel with the Gentile/NT church. It is a significant part of the confusion that abounds in the Church of Christ on prophetic matters that men are not content to allow God’s word to just mean what it says.

God has not set aside Israel. Cp Rom 11:1-5, 7-8, 11-12, 15, 17, 23-29.


  1. Apostasy and misery. This is the prevailing condition in Israel as the Saviour comes. As a nation Israel will have plunged to the very depths of departure from God. This is epitomized by the nation’s acceptance of the Antichrist. Cp Dan 9:26-27. Jerusalem becomes his city and the seat of his worship. This is quickly followed by the consequences of misery as Israel discovers that her ‘saviour’ is a bloodthirsty tyrant determined to annihilate her. Cp Matt 24:15-21, Zech 13:7-9, 14:1-4. Such is always the end of departure from God!
  2. Redeeming mercy. Cp Is 59:20. Even as the end draws near God shows that He has not forgotten His ancient people. Cp Mal 4:5-6, Matt 17:10-13, Rev 11, 7:4, 14:1-4 ( n.b. firstfruits), Zech 12:9ff, Ezek 36:21-28. The purpose of God is to save the surviving members of that nation. Cp Rom 11:26, Is 4:1-6, Jer 50:20, Zech 13:7-9. They are saved as they look to Christ in faith and repentance, Zech 12:9-13:2
  3. A righteous nation. This is the product of God’s work at this time. Cp Is 51:22-52:3, 60:21, 61:6, Jer 31:31-34, Dan 9:24.
  4. A further gathering. A great work of conversion follows on from Christ’s return in which scattered Israel is brought back to the land and converted. Cp Is 11:11-16, 14:1-3 (firmly dated by the fall of the antichrist detailed later in this chapter), 60:4-5, 8-9, 66:19-21, Mic 4:6-7. The possession and organization of the land of Israel in the millennium is detailed in Ezek 48.

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