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The millennium Pt3: Christ destroys His enemies to reign on the earth



The kingdom is inaugurated at His second coming. It is at this point that the triumph of Christ reaches its zenith. Though presently ruling as King over all creation and spiritually over His church, He has not as yet put down His enemies in the earth. Cp Luke 19:14-15, 27, Phil 2:8-11, Heb 2:8.

He destroys His enemies.

Antichrist and his armies. At the point of Christ’s return the Antichrist has come to Jerusalem with the intent of destroying it. Cp Zech 14:1-7, 12, Is 11:1-4, 31:5-9, 2Thess 2:8.

Babylon. Rev 18:9-10—the kings here are those represented by the ten horns. Babylon is the administrative HQ of the ten kingdoms.

The living wicked. Cp 2Thess 1:6-10, Matt 25:41.

Some of the wicked spared from wrath at this time. Cp Zech 14:16-19, Ezek 39:1-7, 37:36, Is 19:18-25, Jer 12:14-17.

The devil imprisoned. Cp Rev 20:1-3. The purpose of God for Satan is not completed by this imprisonment.

He saves and restores the surviving remnant in Israel. That nation has historically been the seat of resistance to Christ the King. They crucified Him as such! The attitude of the nation is exemplified in Matt 27:37, 42. This opposition is overcome in saving grace. Cp Zech 12:9-13:1, 8-9, Rev 1:7, Rom 11:25-26.

The righteous dead raised, Rev 20:4. Cp 1Cor 15:22-23, 51-54. This is the final aspect of the victory of Christ in the lives of His people. The physical death that is the consequence of sin and its just penalty is finally overthrown in the redeemed and they are glorified in His image.

The ongoing restraint of sin during His reign. Cp Zech 14:17-19.

The final rebellion and great white throne judgement. Rev 20:7-15. Here is the final action of Christ on earth against His enemies at the very end of His millennial reign.

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